Lunch actually professional dating

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Lunch actually professional dating

Upon further investigation, she realised that her colleagues' singlehood was a result of the long hours of their job rather than their age." data-reactid="33"Her friends had met their significant others during their university days, which was also when Lim met her then boyfriend Lee."When we start working, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet new people.

Sometimes, these people work such long hours that they just want to go home and sleep when they're done," she said.

It was during her stint at the bank that she realised that many of her colleagues were single but not dating -- a puzzling situation since they were attractive and eligible.

At the same time, she had other groups of friends from the same age group who were engaged or getting married.

Lim shared that the biggest challenge was posed by the stigma attached to dating agencies.

"I thought it was a great idea."After discussing the idea with Lee, Lim quit her job at Citibank.Lunch Actually was incorporated and officially launched in 2004.Taking the risk"They all asked me, 'What happens if the business or your relationship doesn't work out?Coincidentally while visiting her friend in Tokyo in 2003, Lim chanced upon the concept of lunch dating while flipping through some magazines.From there, the idea of a lunch dating agency for professionals was born."I found the idea very interesting," said Lim."People might work long hours but lunch is something that they definitely have to do.

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