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Is it true that circumcision increases the size of your penis?

Circumcision has been used for cultural and health purposes. A few penises may look bigger after circumcision, some may even gain a little in size, but most of them don't increase in size at all.

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Asian woman and not only that, found her in Asia and did the immigration process and brought her to the USA.

If you meet someone that is in another part of the world, I can tell you that it’s not that hard to bring your fiance to the USA if that is what you are looking for.

In other words, don't judge a book by its cover!

The larger the penis, they say, the more confident gay men were with potential lovers and in every-day life. It is like owning a Lamborghini and not knowing how to drive it.

It is very arousing to encounter a large penis size in your sexual adventures, but performance is also very important.

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You'll get as many different answers as the number of men you ask. The average circumference of a penis is near 5 inches or 127 mm around.