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Lovecraft dating

(20 August 1890–15 March 1937) is probably best known as a writer of weird fiction, but some believe his voluminous correspondence to be his greatest accomplishment.

You can explore his numerous facets through the many pages outlined here: Added links to the Brown Digital Repository scans of autograph manuscripts of “The Book”, “The Challenge from Beyond”, “The Shadow Out of Time”, “Sweet Ermengarde”, “The Terrible Old Man”, “The Thing on the Doorstep”, “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”, and “The Transition of Juan Romero”, as well as typed manuscripts of “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”, “The Call of Cthulhu”, “Celephaïs”, “The Nameless City”, “The Other Gods”, “Pickman’s Model”, “The Picture in the House”, “The Quest of Iranon”, “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”, “The Shunned House”, “The Silver Key”, “The Statement of Randolph Carter”, “The Tree”, “The Whisperer in Darkness”, and “The White Ship”.

The inspiration for the universe is clearly Lovecraftian as even the words are taken directly from Lovecraft's writings.

The most obvious example of this is the word fhtagn.

Below is a list of Lovecraft’s fiction, revisions, collaborations, and miscellaneous minor works, in the order they were published.

Lovecraft's work is also steeped in the insular feel of rural New England, and much of the genre continues to maintain this sense that "that which man was not meant to know" might be closer to the surface of ordinary life outside of the crowded cities of modern civilization.

Lovecraft's penchant for dreamscapes and for the biologically macabre has also profoundly influenced visual artists such as Jean "Moebius" Giraud and H. Dan O'Bannon, the original writer of the Alien screenplay, has also mentioned Lovecraft as a major influence on the film.

With Ronald Shusett, he would later write Dead & Buried and Hemoglobin, both of which were admitted pastiches of Lovecraft.

However, Lovecraftian horror is not restricted to the countryside; "The Horror at Red Hook", for instance, is set in a crowded ethnic ghetto.

Much of Lovecraft's influence is secondary, as he was a friend, inspiration, and correspondent to many authors who would gain fame through their creations.

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Many of these writers also worked with Lovecraft on jointly-written stories.

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