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During Christmas my mom loved watching everyone open their gifts," Nikki Hall told "48 Hours" correspondent of the family's living room.

It was updated on June 10, 2017.] Nikki Hall and her brother, Justin, had great times at their family home during the 32-year marriage of their parents, Bill and Frances Hall."We spent Christmases, Thanksgivings -- almost every holiday was spent here -- in this room.

But what happened is – and -- and tell me if I'm wrong or right. you cheated in the past and she stuck with you, right, it kinda makes it seem like it's OK, right? So if he gets caught again, you know, he might getting another pass."The new someone in Bill's life was Bonnie Contreras, then a 28-year-old former exotic dancer. younger woman that, you know, wanted to do everything she could to be the center of his attention," said Cutter. "Because he was going back to his family and trying to get away from her."Hank Hall says Bonnie unleashed a torrent of angry and inappropriate texts, including naked photos of her having sex with Bill. She physically assaulted Bill and kicked him out of the house. And said, 'You're not – you -- you need to get out. What made it worse, Bonnie was driving the Hall family Range Rover -- a vehicle Frances often drove.

And when she met the aging playboy with the well-stuffed wallet at a spinach festival, it was a match made in Texas heaven. Bonnie knew that Bill was married, with children and grandchildren, but she claims Bill told her he was getting a divorce. My plans were to get married, to have a home, and to live the rest of my life with this man," said Bonnie. He showered her with money, paying her rent, buying her two cars -- a BMW and a Mercedes -- and even paying for her breast enhancement surgery. But by 2013, Bill Hall's friends say he was losing interest and trying to avoid Bonnie. Frances makes a U-turn and floors it."They're coming this way.

"And then she'll text it to the wife and say, you know, ugly, ugly nasty things to the wife."The two women engaged in a vicious texting war, exchanging hundreds of nasty messages. And it probably appeared that that was the case," said attorney Adam Cortez, who also represents Francis Hall.

"No one knows exactly what happened, not Frances Hall.

Bonnie says she was driving down the highway when, out of the blue, something hits her back bumper: Bonnie Contreras deposition: At first I thought it was an accident; maybe somebody had hit me from behind by accident.I'm gonna tell her about us,' and ultimately calls Frances."Bill now had to contend with two angry women -- his wife, Frances, and his girlfriend, Bonnie."After she makes the call … really takes it up a notch and she starts going to Frances and Bill's house. Bonnie will brake check her over and over again," Cutter said. cat-and-mouse game.""Francis Hall gave chase at a high rate of speed.She'll take pictures of the outside of the house and then she'll text it to Bill," Cutter continued. Different witnesses called 911 and indicated that two black SUV's are racing.But then when I looked back through the rearview mirror, I saw that it was Ms. Frances was driving a Cadillac Escalade, a giant SUV.Bonnie Contreras deposition: Then she hit me more times. After I got thrown into oncoming traffic, I was fighting cars coming at me.

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And Bill Hall could spoil his children because he and Frances, who got married when they were just 18, had built an empire on wheels.