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Our highly qualified dating managers are providing personal assistance to each member so you are always welcome to contact us and we will make sure we get you the right answer! Me and Elena have met for the first time 2 years ago and a couple times after that. Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance? funny, romantic, it also requires a lot and I mean A LOT of thinking most specially at the ending when the past started to unfold. I find the lead gong hyo jin and jo insung had an amazing chemistry together.....i rewatched it many times... The cast, especially Kong Hyo-Jin and Zo In-Sung are amazing. It made me appreciate and love the people around me more, especially my husband and my 2 kids. After watching this drama, all the other drama is seriously boring I swear. one of a very few & rare dramas I like which has a different way of story-telling or approach & not just the same storyline with different characters OST are great..storyline & acts are very good and a fresh plot line/looks at multi personality although dramatical. recommended strongly This is one of the best korean drama I watched so far, the actor and actress who portrayed the role make the storyline amazing... but when we watch "It's Ok, This is Love", when it gets to the last episode, I want to repeat from the first episode.Dating Russian and Ukrainian ladies is easier than ever! after years of unsuccessful tries to create a family i finally made it!We know what you are looking for and we are here to assist you! I met here the woman that made me happy and confirmed that Ukrainian women are amazing wives, they take care of their family and cook wonderful. and on the photo you can see me with my beautiful wife Julia. first i saw Julia in chat and just write her "hello...

Thousands of Hot Russian Brides and Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies are waiting for foreign man.I ugly-cried so many times, I laughed until my stomach hurt, I felt the pain and heartache like no other. But I had to keep watching because of Kyungsoo and Kwangsoo. The love shown between the characters is amazing and both the characters are adorable and were perfect according to their role. Never before a K-drama had so many English songs in it. Everything was so good, the storyline, the script, the acting, and the OSTs are exceptional. And I'm not saying that because Jo In Sung is not cute, (he's freakin gorgeous) but I'm saying this because what makes you watch it further is because of all the characters and the interesting pace of the drama and romance. I really love the last episode, When Jae yeol told Dong min and Soo kwang that Hae soo is pregnant and they keep on laughing because hae soo and jae yeol is going to have a baby,when they throw apple/tomato to each other, 10/10! i binge watched this last summer and have no clue why i didn't watch it when it first came out because the script and storyline are just so beautifully written! I love it damn much tho i'm not even a fan of any actors in this drama.. O quite much:) Much as I want to like this series, but Im curious what happened to the PLAGIARISM case from "Olive Juice" by a New York based writer?? Anyway, this series was OK lots of lessons to learn and obviously for matured viewers only.. I do wish they would have stayed like the first three episodes or so. Definitely it makes us feel cheriched when we finished watching. Even this drama not really great in rating but it is so popular, korean watch this more via online because this drama took heavy subject like depression, transgender, OCD, (typical mental illness). And this drama would definitely make you laugh till you cry and also cry your heart out and get your heart wrench with all the sad scenes and makes your heart flutter with all the happy scenes along with the ending.Setting up a meeting with lady should not be a hassle.With our international dating service you have a chance to find Slavic lady of your dreams, set up a date and meet personally.

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She chose psychiatry because she doesn't want to perform surgeries. From being a funny Kwang Soo from Running Man to a man with tourette syndrome real quick. ♥️ The story, writer, director and most specially the cast are really great and fun to watch for. The chemistry is awesome between two lead actors, there are lots of sweet scenes but don't worry it is not tiring and too cheesy. I love how the friendship takes, honest and how-they-are, i love how they suffer from problem, i love how they hug and kiss, it really attched. Like Kill Me Heal Me, Hyde Jekill, Me, Beautiful Mind. I'm sorry but your missing out if you haven't seen it.