Louisiana divorce laws and dating

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The state uses the term "standard" to refer to marriages in which the couple did not take the additional steps required for a covenant marriage.Covenant marriages involve more of a commitment to the marriage relationship, provide limited grounds for divorce and require counseling before a divorce will be granted.The main provisions of Louisiana's divorce laws are listed in the table below. This means that any income earned by either spouse during the marriage, and all property bought with those earnings, are considered marital property that is owned equally by each spouse or partner.At divorce, the property is divided equally between the spouses or partners.When spouses can no longer get along, obtaining a divorce quickly is often a top priority.In Louisiana, the length of time spouses must remain separated in order to dissolve a marriage depends on whether the marriage is a covenant marriage or "standard" marriage -- and if one party can prove marital fault.

Contact an experienced Louisiana divorce attorney today.Louisiana Divorce Laws: Related Resources Not Sure Where to Begin?Get Professional Help With Your Divorce As discussed above, it's often in your best interests to consult with an attorney when going through the divorce process, particularly when the other party is represented.The two fault grounds available to dissolve a standard marriage are adultery and the commission of a felony with a sentence of death or imprisonment.If a spouse is successful in proving fault, no separation period is necessary.

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For the most part, so long as you have filed a petition for divorce, it is possible for you to begin to date any you will not lose your right to spousal support.