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Sasha Banks and Bayley made history at NXT Take Over: Respect by competing in the first-ever Iron Man match feature female competitors. On the November 24, 2003 episode of Monday Night Raw, Lita and Victoria would compete in the first-ever Women's Steel Cage match.While Lita would lose the match, it remains monumental.The future Superstars of WWE are lucky enough to have NXT as their breeding ground.However, Superstars and Divas of the past were not so lucky and would need to play minor-league wrestler elsewhere.While most wrestling fans know the story of Lita and The Hardy Boyz, the formation story is often overlooked: While managing Essa Rios, Lita would discover Rios hanging around The Godfather and his Ho Train.However, it was Rios who left Lita, delivering a powerbomb to the Diva in the process.Everybody can see in plain sight the tattooed arm of Lita and it has helped define her as a WWE Diva. However, not all tattoos are visibly to the public.

Dumas dispels many rumors on the Internet about her departure, saying: “[It wasn’t because of] being bitter because they made me a heel, which is a good rumor, or saying, ‘She didn’t like being called a whore’, or the Matt and Adam thing which happened years [before] at that point by the time I retired, or people saying [it was because of] my injuries – I hadn’t had injuries for a few years.

We hebben het niet alleen noodzakelijk, maar ook acceptabel gemaakt voor vrouwen om de eerste stap te zetten, waarmee verouderde geslachtsnormen overstegen worden.

We maken het eenvoudiger en veiliger om online mensen te ontmoeten door een community op te bouwen dat gericht is op respect en goedheid.

Lita was, and remains, the coolest WWE Diva of all time. Often times, Lita would find herself involved in the action as the eccentric Diva could perform moves many of the male talent could not execute.

With baggy pants, visible thong, fiery red hair, and an arm sleeved with ink, Lita became the alternative Diva; the one who stood out most from the crowd. Lita made fans cheer and cry and shiver with excitement.

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The all-around Diva who refused to stand on the sidelines and watch.