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Don't be surprised if the wealthier partners find that partnership creditors pursue their assets before those of their co-partners.

Often, when joint bankruptcy orders are made against partners, an official receiver immediately becomes trustee of the partners' separate estates and trustee of the partnership.

This is because, in fact, there are multiple owners.

Once a partnership is dissolved, separate statements of affairs for joint and individual estates must be lodged with the court.

Closing a business and liquidating assets can be a very complicated procedure subject to many laws and regulations.

You should speak with an attorney or certified public accountant that specializes in business closures.

Liquidating Your Assets Handling Your Financial Obligations Making Your Final Distributions Community Q&A If you are faced with closing your business and you were unable to locate a buyer to purchase the business in its entirety, you should consider selling/liquidating your business’s assets.

There are variety of reasons to close a business, including poor results, owner retirement or poor health, or the loss of a franchise arrangement.

In some cases, the partnership agreement may provide for dissolution after a specified period of time or on other set terms.Partnerships offer special challenges, as this article reviews along with other kinds of liquidations.As a partnership has no separate legal identity, it may be dissolved by an agreement between the partners or by notice of dissolution given by one partner to the others.Other creditors may be designated "preferred," "ordinary," or "deferred," and thus will be paid according to their status.If a company is facing serious financial trouble, its members/directors may decide that liquidation is the only option for the business.

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Once an agreement has been reached, dissolution may proceed in the normal way—usually handled by the partners themselves.

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