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Linkedin and online dating service

Now Bumble is betting that its matchmaking technology can do more than foster romantic or personal connections.

Before she launched the company, she didn’t even identify as a feminist.

As companies like Uber and Google struggle to overcome public reports of discrimination, a rising cohort of women, from venture capitalists to finance and tech entrepreneurs, are determined to refashion what is acceptable and what is possible in the workplace.

In Wolfe’s case, it starts with a simple question: “Why does it have to be all about love? “How do we expand horizons beyond just saying, ‘You’re a female, you have to get married by 30’?

The original dating service will be rebranded as Bumble Honey.

“Whitney’s vision extended well beyond dating from the beginning,” says Andreev, who owns a majority stake in Bumble.

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  1. According to the 35-page indictment, Haddow 'had been previously disqualified from serving as a company director in the UK and had been sued by a UK regulator for misleading investors in an unrelated investment scheme'.