Lesbian dating line

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Lesbian dating line

Frankie offers coaching clients a 6 session contract. Some clients consider success to be improving their dating and social skills and connecting with other attractive, like-minded women. Frankie guarantees every client that she will work her hardest to provide them with a memorable, enjoyable experience that will enrich their lives.

This contract includes six 50 minute sessions that are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on the client’s needs (unless other arrangements have been made). Frankie and the client may discuss if additional coaching sessions would be helpful to the client. Some clients want nothing less than a life-partner. Frankie works tirelessly to provide every client with an enjoyable experience during which they expand their social circle, meet high-quality and desirable women, and enjoy themselves. Frankie’s client retention-rate is extraordinarily high. Humans are complex, often complicated beings and it is simply impossible to guarantee a romantic connection. It’s imperative to have a good connection with the matchmaker you select.

Aside from being intuitive she is a licensed psychologist with years of experience in the field. Frankie and her staff handpicks every client introduction and makes sure they are connecting solid, grounded, quality people who share similar relationship goals. Frankie will possibly contact you when she is working with a compatible client.

If you indicate you only wish to be included in her database as a possible match for a client, you may or may not be contacted by Dr. If you indicate in your profile that you are interested in becoming a matchmaking or coaching client, Dr.

Please feel free to email her directly with any questions you may have that haven’t already been addressed in the FAQ section.

Are you looking for lesbian dating opportunities that could lead to a long-term relationship? Unlike many other hook-up focused dating sites, Elite Singles is designed for Canadians who are looking to find lasting love with someone extremely compatible.

If you want to look for a woman who truly suits you, then why not join us today? One can dream of meeting single lesbians in bars or at work, but all too often those diving into the lesbian dating pool will find themselves playing it safe and dating within their own social circle.

And, while this may work for some, living life like it is The L Word can get tiring.

Online dating can be a good way to casually date, but the bottom line is that there is no quality control.Frankie will make her best effort to contact you directly.Because of the large volume of personal profiles submitted to Dr.She will make the appropriate notations on your profile.The advantage is that if your relationship status changes in the future, you can simply “reactivate” your profile by sending her an email rather than complete the entire profile again. Frankie is a professional matchmaker and relationship coach, and has hand-picked and screened every employee. Frankie also requires every employee sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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