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The performances are well-done (especially by Steve Zahn), the dialog is well-written and often funny, and the film is so believably terrifying that I, like the characters didn’t question all the logic such as how Rusty Nail could always see the trio but we couldn’t always see him.There are several edge of your seat moments like when Rusty Nail pursues them through a cornfield and creepy moments like when his truck fades from view like a phantom.The film depicts the gut-wrenching chase through Wyoming and Nebraska as the trio hides out in hotels and truck stops.At one point they are even chased through a cornfield by the psycho in his semi truck.Some wholesome sentiments in this film included a familial demonstration of brotherly love as the brothers look out for each other’s safety each time they are in danger. (In one scene, Fuller expresses to his brother the resentment he felt toward his parents for making him feel like a failure, and in another scene Lewis and Fuller appear to be competing for Venna’s affection.) Because of the language and some intense scenes, this movie is not for young or impressionable viewers.I don’t like hearing the f-word in movies, but in this flick I was able to get past it for the joy of the suspense. and the children will get serious nightmares if they catch this…Joy Ride contains profanity, brief male nudity (in a funny scene), some gruesome violence (although the film doesn’t bludgeon us over the head with it) and a sexual undercurrent…

What starts out as an innocent prank on their newly-installed CB radio turns deadly as the boys realize that they are being stalked by a madman trucker seeking revenge for their practical joke.Karen Birne, While we know so much about the royal wedding ceremony it almost feels as though most of us were actually at it (and to be fair, most of us were glued to it on the telly), surprisingly few details have...oy Ride” is a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat thriller movie with a lot of action, and I loved it.There are clever moments like how Zahn avoids a barfight and another when he talks his way into Leelee Sobieski’s motel room.The twist at the end is clever if not totally original.

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Along for the ride is Lewis' brother Fuller (Steve Zahn), a practical joker who uses the car's CB radio to play a cruel prank on a lonely trucker known only by the handle Rusty Nail.