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If a person has been visiting all evening and is about to leave but another person comes to visit, it would be an insult to the newly arrived person for the first person to leave.

Even if the new guest is visiting only the host, the previous guest stays to talk for a few minutes to show he or she is not leaving just because the new person arrived.

It is important to all people in Lebanon to be clean, neat, and stylish. When one meets a stranger, acquaintance, or friend, it is important to exchange greetings, to inquire about the person’s health and family, and in general to make polite small talk before getting down to any specific business. Upon meeting or parting, close friends and relatives often “kiss the air” as they brush both cheeks.

Titles such as “doctor” or “professor” are used consistently where appropriate. The Lebanese signify “yes” with one downward nod and “no” with an upward movement of the head or raised eyebrows, sometimes accompanied by tongue clicking.The most common greeting is Marhaba (Hello), but urban dwellers also might use the French Bonjour (Good day), Salut (Hello), an English Hi, or the Arabic Keef halik? To beckon to another person, one waves all fingers with the palm facing down. People feel honored to have guests in their homes, and they also enjoy visiting others.For many, it is offensive to pass or receive objects with the left hand. People may cross the legs at the knee, but crossing an ankle over a knee risks offending any person toward whom the bottom of the foot points. Public displays of affection, even between married couples, are not acceptable. Relatives and close friends visit each other often and without prior arrangement. If invited to a meal, guests might bring flowers, a plant, a special dessert, or something for the home.Lebanese tend to eat European foods part of the week and Middle Eastern foods the rest of the week.Except for rice, Middle Eastern foods are eaten with either the right hand, broken pieces of bread, or lettuce. For example, tabboule- a popular salad made with parsley, minced onions, diced tomatoes, and other vegetables- is eaten with a lettuce scoop. Meals served on formal occasions often consist of many courses and may last several hours.

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Unspoken rules of hospitality require the host to make guests feel completely welcome.

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