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Drivers in rural Wales and Scotland are most likely to be disappointed.Pure Highway 300Di: Connections DAB isn’t the only extra function added by the Highway 300Di.The Highway 300Di consists of three parts: a main unit with all of the connections, which sits behind your dashboard or in the glovebox and is wired into your existing stereo, a windscreen-mounted aerial, and a controller.Pure Highway 300Di: Installation While the complexity of installation depends to an extent on your car (of the three cars we had it installed in, the Fiesta was apparently by far the simplest), this is absolutely intended as a professional job that can involve taking apart the entire dashboard.Or you could just leave an i Pod Classic or USB mass storage device in the glovebox, giving you a massive digital jukebox to listen to wherever you go.Pure Highway 300Di: Sound quality And how does it all sound?DAB coverage is far from perfect, but we’ve been genuinely surprised by how rare dropouts in signal have been.It’s well worth checking the map at to check if the areas you regularly drive are covered before buying, though.

You get stations that aren’t available on analogue, such as BBC 6 Music and Planet Rock, and non-FM stations such as BBC Radio 5 Live are suddenly much clearer and cleaner.

The Pure Highway 300Di is all about future-proofing.

The digital radio switchover may have been delayed, but it is going to happen eventually.

A classic Tahoe estate with more than 100 years of rich history is on the market for million.

Stewart Edward White, a novelist who wrote adventure stories about the American West, bought the six-plus acres with 400 feet of lake frontage in the 1920s.

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