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Several politicians have been victims of suicide bombers, including former President Premadasa. The news readers were reporting deaths as “This many of soldiers gave their lives for the motherland”…“This many Tamil tigers were killed” Death was everywhere.

It was far more severe in war-affected areas like Tamil in the growth of internet usage in Sri Lanka has allowed the LGBT community to connect easier with each other via sites like Lanka Love and Gay Romeo and more recently, Grindr.

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Funny Boy is a Sri Lankan book Stefan grew up with and loved (written by Shyam Selvadurai and highly recommended to any LGBT traveller visiting Sri Lanka).

It tells the story of a young Tamil gay boy called Arjy growing up in 1980s Sri Lanka during the civil war era, struggling to come to grips with his homosexuality in a very religious and traditional family and society.

But coming here some 30 years later in late 2014, we wondered if much has changed.

Despite attempts by the UN and various Sri Lankan LGBT protest groups to question and repeal these laws, the government has not historically been the most obliging: Former President Rajapaksa, stated gay marriage would ruin the Buddhist heritage of the nation.I am from a Sinhalese lower middle class family in Colombo and Arjy is from an upper middle class Tamil family, also in Colombo.Tamils are a minority in Sri Lanka, as is being gay, so not an easy life for Arjy.Sometimes our parents had to take turns to guard us at the school gates.At school it was decided we had to use see through bags for a period of time for security.

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