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The lake sits in a narrow valley pass known as Dzungarian Gate, which connects China to Central Asia and stretches over a distance of 4,828 kilometers.From Help: eol the character(s) to print at the end of each line (row).The time-frame after the last production date depends on the product and relates to the expected product lifetime from a customer's point of view.Different lifetime examples include toys from fast food chains (weeks or months), mobile phones (3 years) and cars (10 years). For hardware with an expected lifetime of 10 years after production ends, the support includes spare parts, technical support and service.

Hi All, Is there a spot that lists the Unifi line with pending EOL warnings? I did notice that the latest stable controler 5.6.29 includes a warning.

Atolls like this one are usually indications of an extinct volcano or seamount eroding below the water surface.

Ice breaks up on the surface of Lake Alakol as temperatures start to warm and welcome spring after a frozen winter.

Such software which is abandoned service-wise by the original developers is also called abandonware.

Sometimes, software vendors hand over software on end-of-life, end-of-sale or end-of-service to the user community, to allow them to provide service and further upgrades themselves.

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We value your business and look forward to serving you! Parts makes no claims whatsoever that all parts listed are classified as "end-of-life" by their manufacturers.