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Kurdish dating site

I don't want to choose between my family or my boyfriend, but I know that my happiness stems from my boyfriend so eventually I would lose contact with my family because of this issue. No offence, but I don't want men's advice because I know that they can marry whomever they wan't and not be judged for it.

I'm really frustrated and I don't know how my family will handle it once they find out. Honestly, I think your main issue is not that you date a non-Kurd, but that your boyfriend is of an ethnicity our nation views as primitive.

Kurdish people can be racist in one way or another.

I come from a family much like yours, not really raised very Islamic. Different ethnicity and language to them than other Indonesians. She's is obviously Asian just like your partner.

I mean, everyone can "change" their religion and pretend to be a Muslim/Christian etc. And while everything went well, our relationship still failed because I chose to not tell it my parents.

Our freedom was limited in the sense that we couldn't meet whenever we wanted or go to vacations together.

Both of them don't pray, or do anything religious in that matter. My parents never fully taught me about Islam or anything like that, but somehow my dad is expecting me to marry a Muslim.

Also, I'm really unsure about the stigma that comes from me dating an Asian man, I don't really know how my parents or my family will handle it and it makes me scared/sad of the future.

Its foolish to pursue some kind of racial purity agenda in our modern day and age, but its very important not to give up your identity. A lot of Kurdish men cannot "marry whomever they want and not be judged for it", a lot of them are going through the same thing that you are.To us all disfunctionality makes us want to go over to action to solve it after contemplation. That said i think the best way to help your father get accustomed to your partner is by upholding your identity.Blocking/refusing/postponing solutions is like suppressing feelings: no good. And when you deal with someone outside of your community who rhas 0 experience with a certain community and its principles/basics... It requires some energy, proper explaining, communication and time. Europeans often can not even grasp certain things that are quite normal in the M. Dont try to assimilate into other cultures, instead try to get your boyfriend to become more accustomed to Kurdish culture.Just for example: The two daughters of my Kurdish neighbor.One married a German and all went fine without anyone caring, while the second married a Turk and therefore got shunned by the whole family.

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