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Elaborate the situation where you had skinship or sexual contact with them.

In the case of a second round, sex occurs in a hotel or a motel.

아무리 예쁜 여자라 하더라도 내가 데리고 살것도 아니고 일하는 시간대도 맞지 않아서 결국 가까워지긴 힘듦. So, you could rarely develop a relationship with them. The business is not run in an old-fashioned, turn of the century manner.

And it’s hard to find time to meet because they work at night. Give us your general thoughts about Korea’s room salon culture. 아가씨들의 철저한 서비스 교육을 통해 남성들의 모든 욕구를 채워주기 위해 항상 변화하고 있습니다.

We were really close, and went there to experience a new culture together. Of course, there are places that can be positioned in-between. BK girls wear only panties, and for the last course, they give blow- or hand-jobs. But if you are filthy rich, rich enough to be the girl’s personal “sponsor,” the second round can be possible.

Having no idea about the Bukchang-dong style room salons, I was a bit surprised. Did you ever become close with a girl you met there? The so-called second round, where you take the girl out, is impossible. TP Price: about 700,000 for just drinking Duration: unlimited (until you drink up all beverages) Style: Girls have celebrity-like appearances.

For example, the second round could occur in the room, or the so-called room-mirror system could be provided, where clients can first have a look at the girls in the “mirror room” and then choose the girl they want. ____________________________________________________________ Full Interview 룸살롱 문화에 대한 인터뷰 The interview about room salon culture. The salon was on such a large scale that it felt like a big company or something. In that situation, we have two options: a night club or a room salon. If we all agreed that we wanted women, then we’d go for a salon. But you get tired if you went to one of the two too often, so we’d one or the other alternately 3.아가씨들의 어떤 부분에 끌리게 되었는지? 외모가 아주 뛰어난 일명 에이스 부류와 외모가 그리 뛰어나진 않지만 청순하면서 매우 착한 심성을 가지고 있고 얘기가 잘 통하는 참한 아가씨인 경우 두가지 입니다. 선호나이대는 20대 초반에서 20대 중반이죠 They are from in their early to late 20s.

When the economy turns bad, prices will drop and the services would take on more obscene forms. Rather audacious service by the girls made me think that they were being trained through a set program. 이유는 친구들과 만나 술을 마시다가 어느정도 취기가 오르면 자리를 이동하게 되는데 그럴 때 여자가 생각나게 되죠.(혈기 왕성하고 돈을 벌고 있기 때문이죠) 이럴때 두가지 방법중 하나를 선택하게 됩니다. And we naturally thought of women (you know, we were hot-blooded and had money). If you meet a girl of these two kinds, you are likely to go back. You’re making a big mistake if you think the girl working there are all loose and ill-mannered. 20대 초반에서 후반까지 있는데 강남의 경우 20대 후반은 외모가 출중하지 않은이상 일하기 힘든것으로 알고 있습니다.

Of course, there are places that can be positioned in-between. Through rigorous service trainings, they are fine tuning their service to meet all possible manly desires. 예를 들어 룸에서 2차까지 해결하는 서비스, 거울방의 여자를 보고 초이스 하는 룸미러 시스템 등이 그것입니다. When was the last time you visited there, and why did you stop going? That means that they are running and developing the business systemically. 한번 방문할때마다 얼마 정도를 지출 했으며 지출할 용의가 있으며 한달 평균 얼마정도 지출했는지? Were the girls familiar or comfortable with sexual services? At what places did the sex occur and did you use a condom?

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It’s been a while since I last went, so I don’t know how they’ve changed now. 아가씨의 외모 수준에 따라 일반적으로 북창동 스타일(이하) – 클럽- 점오- 텐프로 정도로 나뉩니다. 일반적으로 나누는 기준입니다.) According to girls appearances, they are divided into roughly four levels: Bookchang-dong style (BC), club, JJoem-Oh (15%) and Ten Percent (TP).

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