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An elected BJP member was caught molesting a girl and [sexually assaulting] her in a moving bus but they don’t talk about it… I can vote for the Congress personally; so can many others. Anna Hazare’s Lokpal movement led to AAP being formed. It will happen here too; there may be political leaders who will emerge from this agitation. They are the ones who created the maximum number of cells to appease castes within the party – Maldhaari cell, OBC cell, Patidar cell, minority cell, doctor cell…

After nine months in jail over sedition cases, you are back leading the agitation. I have been told by a learned person that what is happening is not orchestrated by me. Do you foresee the Patidar agitation heading the same way? Those were agitations seeking political change; ours is an agitation for equal rights in education and employment. There has been talk that you have sought assembly tickets from the Congress. The Patels are traditionally BJP voters; do you expect them to vote against it? That is why they are being forced to make sleaze videos of a 23-year-old bachcha. My parents had said that if Hardik and the family are happy with this decision, then we will go with it. You have been targeting Anandiben Patel in recent speeches but seem not to have kept it up against Amit Shah, who you used to call General Dyer. I have been talking about Anandiben for a long time. As president of the world’s largest party, he has to visit Naranpura, his former constituency, to distribute pamphlets on a door-to-door campaign.

Not so much beautiful, I am a common Pakistani girl (in looks), but very much explicit in reality.

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Since these videos have emerged, two statements have been attributed to you. These are videos that have been created with a man who resembles me. I have no faith in the system in a BJP-administered state.

102 Not Out actor Rishi Kapoor recently remembered his grandfather and legendary actor Prithviraj Kapoor on his 47th death anniversary.On Monday, Kairana saw a voter turnout of about 54 per cent.Cyclone in Mangaluru: Schools are closed today and fishermen have been advised not to venture out to sea.My hips are of 40, and are tight and caught up ward. My skin color is light black like most of sub-continent ladies.I like incest sex relations and stories about these kind of relations, because I have a lot of incest sex experiences, which I would like to share with Literotica story lovers.

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As heavy rain pounded Coastal Karnataka, water entered factories and buildings, caused street clogging and blocked the vehicular traffic.

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