Kenya sex mobile chat

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Kenya sex mobile chat

In my imperfections, I accept the fault,” Crème stated.But he is not the first to be in this line of fire.

“The service is so fast, that’s why the best way to avoid all the embarrassment is to simply countercheck before hitting the sent button,” warns the information technology expert.

But in excitement or sheer stupidity, people usually send the right messages to the wrong people, leading to a lot of embarrassment.

Last week, ‘Bro Ocholla,’ who belongs to a Whats App group called Embakasi Prayer Cell, a Christian group, shocked his group members when he accidentally sent a message to the group which found its way to social media. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having an orgasm at cloud nine,” his message read.

The father of two later apologised on Facebook, expressing his deep apologies to his family, fans and friends for the harm caused by the indecent video.

“I am a man fallen from grace and I humbly accept this.

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“Undelivered messages are usually stored on Whats App servers for 30 days.