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Kens dating tips

(Review by Wile E2005) The Dating Guy “24ish” (2010). Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears “Never Give a Gummi an Even Break” (1989).In this episode of this Canadian adult series, two male Amish terrorists tie up two sexy Swedish stewardesses and flawlessly impersonate them. Gramma Gummi finds out their latest “Gummi Bear” friend is actually a carny elf in disguise, she allows the elf to capture them for a sideshow act.

Then the rest except Shaggy pulls their masks off a final time to reveal duplicates of Shaggy!

As part of a video Cleveland made for his family when vacationing in Hollywood, he fakes being at their hometown bar, with the help of actors in makeup, masks and/or suits.

Kendra removes her head mask (like a helmet) to reveal an actress, and Cleveland's new Hollywood friend Gina is impersonated by Reese Witherspoon in a latex mask and wig.

She splits in two in the end revealing the tiny evil professor. Steve Smith disguises as an old lady to avoid his father Stan Smith, but unfortunately for him, Stan sees through the disguise as “she” leaves the deli, pounces on him and unmasks him.

Steve tells his father that he had been in Roger’s makeup chair at 4 AM to have his mask applied. The Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko and Dot keep pestering their schoolteacher, Miss Flameel.

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(Review by Wile E2005) (1972) A corny Filmation television special where the Looney Tunes characters meet with the Groovie Goolies involves a scene when the character Claude Chaney (a Lon Chaney-esque phantom adept at disguise) demonstrates his disguise ability to Daffy Duck by wearing masks of the Goolies characters layered over each other; one of the masks is of Hagatha the witch, which he removes to reveal a Drac mask.

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