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The temperatures drop to moderate, often with strong winds, and the tourists are all gone. Moreover, general holidays are held around the New Year into early January, as well as in early May.Russian visa requirements are complex but are not hard to manage with some online research.Wear good boots, take small steps, and watch your feet!

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the city has rapidly been making up for lost time and is by far the most cosmopolitan and Western of Russia's cities.

The first settlements in this region date from 2500 years ago.

Archaeologists found old graves full of izhora silver treasures, also korela-inkeri epos of Kalevala halfly was written near Sester river, modern Sestroretsk.

Not only are the days very short in late autumn and early winter, but the weather may be overcast for weeks, without a hint of blue sky, which may feel depressing.

The driest season with least precipitation is early spring.

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Most major tourist attractions, except those relying on the water, are still open and some hotels offer lower prices during this time.

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