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Any allegiance to a man, political party or cause takes a distant back seat to their commitment to Christ and the advancement of His Kingdom. First, the one, established fact: as an attorney in his early 30’s, Roy Moore dated some girls in their upper teens.

And all three of them have known and worked with Judge Moore for years; one for over twenty years. All of them believe that the serious charges are utterly untrue, and that the fact that he dated some girls in their late teens is being intentionally de-contextualized and wildly exaggerated (e.g. He admits this, although he has gotten a bit tongued-tied when addressing the point because of the baseline his interrogators have been quick to establish: a 30 -year-old man dating a 17-year-old woman sounds like…what was it Schneider called it again? First, Moore spent his own late teens and early twenties at West Point, an all-male school at the time.

Viewed through a contemporary lens, it’s easy to assign these old ways a creep-factor that is undeserved.

That is why, an associate of Moore’s told me, he stumbled a little in his interview with Sean Hannity.

And at least one of these mothers and her daughter, whom Moore briefly dated, have stepped up to testify to this.

There’s no question standards have changed, even in Alabama.

At that time and in that particular old-school, deep-south culture, a 30 year-old man dating and marrying an 18-year-old would not have raised many eyebrows—particularly when the majority of young ladies his age had been married while he was at West Point, in Vietnam and at law school.

Now, for the first-time, the 30-year old Moore had an opportunity to settle down and, perhaps, find a wife.

Each of them is an honorable, courageous, thoughtful and seasoned Christian gentleman.

All have stellar track records in the way they have conducted their lives, vocations, loved their wives and raised their children.

He had been asked a “when did you stop beating your wife? In today’s At first, I found myself put off a bit by Moore’s rambling, awkward response.

But then it hit me: here was a man trying to be scrupulously honest about a “damned if you do” subject, yet fully aware that he was being unfairly gored on the horns of a false dilemma.

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Nothing sexual, beyond one substantiated kiss, was involved.