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Jet li aaliyah dating

Han promptly escapes from the prison to investigate.Isaak O’Day (Delroy Lindo), a Black real estate developer and gang leader, is engaged in a joint business venture with Po's father, Ch’u Sing (Henry O), a Chinese crime boss who heads a collective of Chinese crime lords.Po Sing (Jon Kit Lee) is waiting for someone in a nightclub in a predominantly Black neighborhood when a group of angry patrons try to start a fight with him.His father's right-hand man Kai (Russell Wong) and his henchmen pull Po out and, after a brief fight with the bouncers, are ejected by Silk (DMX), the club's owner, before the meeting can take place. Word of Po's death reaches his elder brother, Han (Jet Li), a former police officer who is imprisoned in Hong Kong.

After Ch’u takes a multimillion-dollar payment and departs, Isaak refuses his payment, stating that his compensation will be in the form of an ownership share of the new franchise.The two have been acquiring properties along the Oakland waterfront to sell them to Vincent Roth, a businessman who plans to buy a new NFL franchise and build a stadium on the waterfront.Despite Ch'u's assurances that the deal is still in place, Isaak fears retribution and has his chief lieutenant Mac (Isaiah Washington) place security details on both of his children.An enraged Mac has Trish brought out as a hostage to force him to take the payout.He reveals to Isaak that the "gang war" was a ruse he and Ch'u concocted to cover their murder and intimidation of businessmen who refused to sign away their properties, and he also killed Colin. Roth flees to the rooftop and escapes via helicopter but Mac shoots Roth's briefcase out of his hand, sending the deeds flying to the winds.

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Making his way to Oakland, Han learns that his brother called Isaak's daughter Trish’s (Aaliyah) record store the day before he was killed.

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