Jay grdina dating

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Jay grdina dating

Jameson also alleged that Ortiz "used a fake penis and ordered urine" in order to falsify his UFC test results and that he attempted to kill her when they were still together. According to TMZ, Ortiz and Jameson first began dating in October 2006, not long after Jameson had divorced her former husband, pornographic actor Jay Grdina.In March 2009, the couple later gave birth two twin boys (via E! Their relationship eventually fell apart when Ortiz was arrested during a domestic abuse case in April 2010, which Ortiz later claimed (via MMA Junkie) had occurred due to his then-wife suffering a severe addiction to Oxycontin, a prescription opiate.From the time she announced that she was pregnant and until recent years, we haven’t seen much of Jameson in the mainstream.According to sources, things were rough for the former adult film star after losing custody of her children and several men in her life.Just before Massoli was two years old, she lost her mother to cancer.Her father, a police officer in Las Vegas, moved the family around several times in the process.'Preparing to sue': Jenna Jameson's ex-husband Jay Grdina and new wife Erin Naas' son has reportedly been rejected from a top Christian school due to the family's past and or current lines of business, TMZ claims Business partners: Jay married Jenna in 2003 before she filed for divorce in 2006 after they'd set up multimedia pornographic entertainment company Club Jenna.Born as Jenna Massoli on April 9, 1974, the future star didn’t have an easy childhood.

Even if you didn’t watch adult films, you knew Jameson’s name because she was all over the place.

Amber says she's been flooded with death wishes and taunts from team Jenna, and claims Jenna threatened to throw acid on her face -- which is why she filed a request for a restraining order.

Amber says the harassment's been going on ever since she started dating ex-UFC star Tito ... Jenna now has to stay 100 yards away from Amber -- and stop all forms of harassment.

After dropping to under 80 pounds and losing her boyfriend, Jameson started to clean up and once again was appearing in adult films.

She even boosted her career by getting breast implants, which went a long way, it seemed.

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After turning 19 years old, Jameson turned her attention to modeling and acting in adult films.