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Jasmines cams

E poi inizia la sua lenta e magica evoluzione tra oli misteriosi e spezie calde,fiori d'arancio e profumi seducenti di fiori sessuali che trasudano lussuria.L'atmosfera è sempre cupa,vellutata e inquietante ma la fragranza che circonda il corpo è sottile,affascinante,decisamente insolita.

The front smells like 风油精 to me, a strong herbal bug spray from China (which oddly enough, is actually very enjoyable scent for me). Very spicy white flower, completely different from what you wouldexpect for tuberose and jasmine. I, sorry to say, was unable to get past the opening.This is one of the few fragrances that I will continue to own, forever a staple in my small collection.My interpretation is this: My favorite part is actually the opening, but what I think makes this fragrance so special is how the top and heart/base notes play off each other. Aggressive, spicy, fresh, and demanding attention in a good way.Il suo proporsi in modo sottile ma insistente è straordinario,elegante ma ammaliante,una cosa bella e aliena che tiene a distanza i curiosi e gli sciocchi ma che non si può fare a meno di ammirare. The first stage almost burns the nostrils, in the foreground it feels like a burning incense , as if it were gasoline. in my opinion, the camphor is also present in a massive way.a great smell because it is blended with flowers, cloves and styrax. all this makes it a masculine, dark, gothic perfume. vote 10/10 the ugly part comes after half an hour when the scent unfortunately turns into a very feminine tuberous strong. Incense, narcissus, and jasmines causes the medicinal tuberose beside the slight patchouli.

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first notes : gasoline Ben-Guy rheumatism ointment.