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She was a smart girl, a college student, she must see her situation, bound and gagged in the trunk of a car being taken who knows where, her best chance is when we stop.

I got out and pantomimed looking for my wallet so that I could hang around near the trunk. I have to say that I started to worry, maybe she'd choked or something.More Historic plantation sites continue to struggle with the legacy of slavery and black heritage, particularly concerning their relevance in American life.They became culturally American at the intersection of race and status, not only through the practice of their own cultural beliefs and values, but those of elite whites as well.When I'd planned the route the month before this had seemed the best place to stop, food bought from here would still be warm when I parked up to change the plates.I parked towards the back of the lot close to one of the lights.

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I listened and there it was again full of desperation and hope, saying just one thing `Help me.' Satisfied that she couldn't be heard more than a few feet away I `found' my wallet and headed towards the doors.

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