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Iwant to chat sexy girl

Of course you can dress and wear make up in real life while you play with others in Second Life and even earn money through voice and cam work (they also have voice morphing so you can sound more girly).There is a huge trans and gay community in Second Life that will be only too happy to help.

I don’t have the time or resources to help everyone and not everyone is serious enough to be turned from boy into girl – taking hormones scares a lot of boys. Sorry for anyone I didn’t get a chance to email back. I would have loved to have helped you all become sissy girly girl whores that use your body for the pleasure of hunky guys.

You want to give up your life to the worship of cock and cum… You want to show me how much of a nasty sissy slut you are, don’t you? Remember, this involves hypnosis, this involves chastity where a domme you may never meet will hold your key, this involves blackmail to stop you going back to your pathetic male existence, this involves financial donations and gifts so your domme can focus her attention on your transition and getting you to be the girl of your dreams.

Your primary reason for existence will be to serve cock, to worship cock, to be a slave.

If you wish to email me you can do so by contacting me.

If you are a domme and wish to help convert little sissy sluts into sexy girly girls, I can put you in charge of some already willing to change their lives forever, please contact me if you wish to help.

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You will be turned into a cock craving jizz swallowing raving sissy whore at the very least, and I guarantee it 🙂 I have received several emails from closet sissies begging to be turned into real sissy whores.