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Issues on sedating mental patients

However, the Guideline Development Group considered that the evidence was not relevant to UK clinical practice because the primary objective of the studies was sleep and, in the UK, the primary objective is to calm the person to enable other psychosocial techniques to be used (see the NICE full guideline on violence).

There is also insufficient evidence that the safety of intramuscular midazolam alone has been sufficiently demonstrated in the UK, although it has been shown to be effective and relatively safe elsewhere.

Again, for the cardiovascular system, questions on exercise tolerance, episodes of dyspnea, energy levels and edema, to provide a few will often provide a good estimate of cardiovascular health.

In the event that questions remain, or the disease process needs to be further categorized, there are a number of tests available to assist in the diagnostic process.

NICE clinical guideline on violence advises that rapid tranquillisation, physical intervention and seclusion are not primary treatment techniques and should only be considered if de-escalation and other strategies have failed to calm the person.

When determining which interventions to use, it is advised that clinical need, safety of the individual and others, and, where possible, advance directives should be taken into account.

If benzodiazepines are contraindicated or have previously been ineffective, antipsychotics are commonly considered; however, they can cause adverse extrapyramidal and cardiovascular adverse effects.Intramuscular olanzapine may also be considered for moderate disturbance in people with psychosis.When the NICE guideline was developed there was evidence that intramuscular haloperidol in combination with intramuscular promethazine is effective for rapid tranquillisation by inducing sleep.The NICE clinical guideline on violence recommends that vital signs should be monitored after rapid tranquillisation, and blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration and hydration should be recorded regularly, at intervals agreed by a multidisciplinary team, until the person becomes active again.For every body system there are readily observable characteristics that can be used to assess the structure and function of that system, and to distinguish the healthy from pathologic state.

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