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Is dating in college worth it

Is the claim the college is making different from the claim made by other colleges?

Is the college's worth claim advantageous enough and valuable enough to me that I am willing to pay more or borrow to attend?

We also have seen organizations -- from the White House to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the -- launch tools intended to provide students and parents with nifty online tools that calculate some kind of "return on investment" to get after this elusive question of whether or not college is worth it.

I think those who question the worth of a college degree are nuts!

The answer to the question often depends on who is trying to answer it.

Colleges spend countless hours and significant resources in an effort to prove worth.

What's in it for me, based on my own goals and ambitions?If we can move beyond traditional marketing, students and parents will benefit from a focus on a worth claim and can be guided by a set of questions that may help them choose the right college based on their value system and ambitions.Worth claims should have the following qualities: • Bold symbols and direct language • A base built on advantages and reinforced by evidence • Anticipatory thinking, because worth is fully comprehended through future success • Emotion and attendance to the primary needs of deciding students An example of an effective worth claim follows: You will develop and gain the skills employers want most.How does the claim a college is making prepare me for the future?Will the claim benefit me directly or is it aimed at others?

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The idea of a worth claim transcends popular marketing ideas like brand, distinctions and value propositions.

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