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Iphoe sexy chat

One of the fastest growing demographics on social media sites is women over 50 and they are using technologies like Skype to keep in touch with their families and grandchildren.These ambitious and capable women are not exceptions anymore – they represent the new norm for 60 women.

Many women complete new or advanced degrees and a large number of new businesses and entrepreneurial initiatives are driven by older women.It was agreed that the biggest misconception about women over 60 is that they want their world to get smaller instead of bigger.People believe that getting older is a time when one’s horizons start to narrow, desires fade, health declines, brain power shrinks and daily activities shift from dynamic to passive activities.The reality today is that rather than settling into a quiet, familiar routine, many women over 60 are exploring new interests, starting new careers, volunteering, writing, creating, exercising and trying new things.Another misconception highlighted was that women over 60 don’t have any remaining career ambitions, don’t understand technology, can’t learn new skills in the workplace, and are otherwise completely out of touch.

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The origin of this myth is easy to understand because women over 60 today are living in uncharted territory.

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