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Ios updating mkuserlocation

Finally, it examined the local search capabilities that were added to Map Kit with i OS 6.1, showing how to use perform location based queries for points of interest and add them to a map.FTLocation Simulator allows simulating Core Location in the i Phone simulator on the desktop.Additionally, since the results will contain location data, it will often make sense to show them on a map. We also created a new search updater, which becomes active when the user interacts with the search bar.One way to accept search input is with a //Creates an instance of a custom View Controller that holds the results var search Results Controller = new Search Results View Controller (map); //Creates a search controller updater var search Updater = new Search Results Updator (); search Updater. Search; //add the search controller search Controller = new UISearch Controller (search Results Controller) ; //format the search bar search Controller. It receives notifications about searches with each keystroke and is responsible for updating the UI.

This results in a search bar displayed over the map as shown below: !Map Kit even has built-in support for showing the current location of a device.Adding a map to an application is accomplished by adding an CLLocation Manager location Manager = new CLLocation Manager(); location Manager.The Map Kit framework provides an interface for embedding maps directly into your own windows and views.This framework also provides support for annotating the map, adding overlays, and performing reverse-geocoding lookups to determine placemark information for a given map coordinate.

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[](images/07"A search bar displayed over the map") ### Displaying the Search Results To display search results, we need to create a custom View Controller; normally a `UITable View Controller`.

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