Intimidating news

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Intimidating news

Both found that this often resulted in less protection for the child.

Survival strategy From my own experience in child protection I remember visiting a family where the man in the house had a “reputation”.

The real issue is why has so little been done to tackle what appears to be an increasing problem within child protection.

Two serious case reviews this year have concluded that bad decisions were made because social workers had been intimidated by the parents involved in the cases.

The complaint accuses Mayor Baker with referring to the Chief of Police as "useless" and an "a--hole." There's also an allegation that Mayor Baker showed up on one occasion at a crime scene and "walked directly into a residence...

Recent serious case reviews have concluded that social workers struggle to deal with hostile and intimidating parents.

That service user kept me awake at night, gave me nightmares and led me to start looking in the vacancies section.” The above quote is taken from a newly qualified social worker who recently attended a two-day workshop I facilitated on working with difficult, dangerous and evasive adults in child protection.

It is by no means an isolated or extreme example of what frontline social workers tell me they face in their day-to-day work.

In his 2003 research professor Brian Littlechild, associate head of social work at the University of Hertfordshire, found the number of threats and violence was much higher in child protection work than 10 years earlier.

Child protection workers can sometimes become subject to hostage theory, according to Professor Chris Goddard, director of Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia at Monash University, Melbourne.

His research with Dr Janet Stanley drew a comparison with Stockholm Syndrome in which a parent acts as the terrorist and the social worker adopts defences for self-preservation such as denying the threat or identifying with the aggressor.

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