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Attraction happens when a person sheds his or her timidity and learns how to interact with the opposite sex.

That’s why online dating is so sketchy, because most people online have not reached this point in their lives.

In the cutthroat world of publishing, John offers his clients an unusual gift — his generosity of time, creativity and vast experience in the industry.

I couldn’t be happier with with my experience and the quality of his work.

As a published author of 14 plus plus anthology contributions, I was thrilled to come across Intellect Publishing.

They really gave my work the personal and professional touch it needed.

It sounds shallow, but we can't help it; it’s related to evolution. Online dating throws a metaphorical wrench into the evolutionary plan of natural selection with regard to mating.

He pays close attention to detail and it has progressed in a timely fashion.

Unlike some other publishers I have dealt with, John follows through with marketing that determines success, or failure. As George Wallace would say, “Keep on keeping on,” John.

John Woods, founder of Intellect Publishing, took an interest in my tales of becoming a State Supreme Court Judge in an historically all-male profession.

This fine publishing team of interviewer, Arden Schell; publisher, John Woods; and editor, Anne Kent Rush, shaped my personal story into an engrossing book with wide historic relevance.

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John tailored my project to suit my particular needs, making adjustments as required.

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  1. She hadn’t always received this type of attention: being smart at a school where being smart was not considered cool, she hadn’t exactly always been a...