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Appearing at the show are major San Francisco bands like The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane along with notable poets and speakers such as Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, and Michael Mc Clure.Attendance: 20,000 This is The Doors second trip to New York and their second of three lengthy stays at the club.Gazzarri's crowded dance floor proves that the Doors' lyrical freedom hasn't hurt their strong rock 'n' roll dance tempo." (Francine Grace, "Vibrant Jazz-Rock Group at Gazzarri's," Los Angeles Times, 2/28/67) The Doors headline their first show at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco tonight over bands like Country Joe and the Fish and The Sparrow (later named Steppenwolf).Jim is really coming into own this night and the crowd is blown away by 'The End'.

Jim seems almost stoic, but in good voice and throws in alot of poetry during improvisational pieces.Approximately 5,500 peple are in attendance and enjoy a continuous stream of bands throughout the day long event.The Doors perform at Gazzarri's later this evening and then for their third show of the day play an after-hours gig at The Hullabaloo from a.m. Review: "The Doors wield a rock 'n' roll beat with continuous jazz improvisation to produce an intense, highly emotional sound.They call their music 'primitive and personal' and find it hard to work without audience reaction.Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform.

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On opening night Jim comes out wearing faded blue jeans and full of energy bangs his head of the low rafters at the conclusion of the first set.