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Here’s a closer look at the Inno’s remote and case.The case design seems a bit unusual to me, with magnetic clasps on both the side and the top.The Inno’s right side has the volume controls and power switch.You can click the power switch up into the “hold” position to lock the buttons, whether the Inno is on or off.

In this review, we’ll be covering the Pioneer Inno, XM’s top of the line portable receiver.

Hi So, I have a problem, i got an inno3D GTX 1080First off my setup is as follows: GIGABYTE MB GB 1150 Z97X-SLI Int Core i5-4690KWESTERN DIGITAL HD3.5" SATA3 2TB WD20EURX / AV-GP (Di)XFX 550W 80 BRONZE CERTIFIED WIREPHANTEKS PH-TC14CS Cooler2x KINGSTON 8GB DDR3- 1866MHZ NON-ECC CL 1Another 2 SATA with 1TB each and an SSD with 256GB (I don't have the exact types of those)inno3D GTX 1080 Chill x4i installed it and tried running it with my current setup and encountered a problem, the fans are not working at all.

The tiny fan on the side activated once on the first startup after i installed the card but since then all 4 fans are standing still.

After some testing i found out that none of the fans come online and the card doesn't change from blue load to the two others (under gaming it should be red).

Furthermore, manually setting the fan speed in the inno3D tool or MSi afterburner also didn't start the fans.

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I’m not sure what these holes on the bottom of the Inno are for — probably to clip into a case.

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