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Hutterite dating

The photograph shows a woman holding a photograph of a baby, and the reflection of the woman's body in the photograph.

The exhibition's photographs provide snapshots of multiple generations, romantic unions and alternative family structures Milton Rogovin (1909-2011) was a documentary photographer whose work chronicling workers and families has been enshrined in the Library of Congress.

From a migrant family in Texas in 1936 to a child in the 1860s, a Marine in Afghanistan to a contemporary Hutterite classroom, the photographs chart what family means for the diverse population of the United States and how its meaning has changed over time.

They show families that contrast with one another: both affluent and destitute, cohesive and fractured and expected and unexpected, for example.

Her work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

This photograph, titled 'She is a Tree of Life to Them,' was taken in 1950 Tina Barney (1945-) is a photographer known for her vibrant, color photographs of the intimate lives of posh New Yorkers and New Englanders.

The museum notes: 'Taken together, the photographs challenge visitors to consider what family means to them.'Daily has seen 18 of the photographs in advance of the exhibition.

The more than 80 photos will go on view at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts from December 9 until June 17.

The building was demolished in the 1990s Jock Sturges (1947-) is a photographer known for his intimate portraits of families.This photograph was taken at a Thanksgiving feast in 1992.The exhibition's photographs show families both affluent and destitute, cohesive and fractured and expected and unexpected Gordon Parks (1912-2006) was a photographer known for his documentation of the civil rights movement and African American life.Notably, he covered the trial of the men accused of murdering Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African American boy who was brutally murdered by two white men.This photograph of singing twins was taken around 1948 at WDIA, a radio station in Memphis, Tennessee Nicholas Nixon also took this 2006 photograph, called Tammy Hindle, which appears in the exhibition.

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An upcoming photography exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston will explore the definition of the American family.

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