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How old are the pyramids carbon dating

If correct, it would make Cuilcuilco by far the oldest building in Mexico and the oldest pyramid in the world.

But immediately, there was a problem, for the eruption of the volcano had never been dated to 6050 BC, but considered to be after 450 BC.

The site was been dated to the 1st century AD, and is believed to have been the oldest pyramid structure in the New World predating Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City.

Cuicuilco may also have been the oldest city in the Valley of Mexico and was roughly contemporary with, and possibly interacting with, the Still, it is not a true pyramid, being rather a truncated conical mound, with a clay-and-rubble core faced with river boulders and basalt slabs.

In fact, rather than 8500 years old, he actually gave a timeframe of 8500 to 30,000 Before Present (BP).

Population at the citys peak is estimated at an impressive 20,000 people.

It became a pilgrimage centre for the refugees and their descendants who came to see the city that the volcano had destroyed.

For them, the site must have confirmed several of their beliefs, for figurines and stelae from Cuicuilco indicate that the inhabitants worshiped the fire god Huehuetotl, which is not surprising since the Xitle volcano was likely active during Cuicuilcos occupation, sporadically rumbling and blowing smoke and eventually destroying the site.

It is here that Mexicos greatest pyramid adventure, to rival the Gizeh pyramid complex, would be accomplished in due course.

But despite such a move north, it seems that no-one forgot about Cuicuilco.

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Cummings made an estimate of the time required to accumulate the eighteen feet of sediment between the underside of the Pedrigal and the temple pavement.