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If they started to phone, etc., and it's dwindling this is usually a sign that "distance doesn't always make the heart grow fonder." Good luck Marcy Long distance or not, you won't ever have a way of getting "proof" that someone really loves you.Just like in any other relationship, you have to trust and love them enough yourself to believe that they're being honest with you when sharing such strong feelings.If you have two individuals that are strong enough to survive this type of temptation and deception then yes they will survive.

And if one is fighting for their country it gives you a respect for them and all the benefits that come with the military one should be grateful and respect the spouse or other party for this and stand behind them because trust me someone will support them one day and reap the benefits.I wouldn't even really say that dwindling phone calls are a sign of a failing long distance relationship.I mean, if they went from phoning every day to once a week, that's one thing.I have been dating a really wonderful man for three months now, and at this point, we are spending our weekends together every week.We have an amazing, intense connection which we both acknowledge and at this point, I’m downright crazy about him, and I know he feels the same about me.

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