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How do you handle intimadating drivers

He continues into the first class cabin and toward -- CHARLIE'S ANGELS - 8/18/99 2. He hands it to Pasqual, who opens it to find diamonds. They each take a glass, turn to each other and raise them. (beat) When do I get to meet this Charlie guy, anyway? Alex looks back -- that was more personally revealing than she expected. After a moment, Pasqual quietly clears his throat and leans, slightly, towards Jones. Nervously begins to remove something from his pocket when they are interrupted by -- FLIGHT ATTENDANT Shall I pour your scotch? THE FIRST CLASS EMERGENCY ROOM Where he slides in past the nervous, shifty-eyed man (his name is PASQUAL) and sits by the window. She hands him the airplane-sized bottle -- he waves off the glass.

In fact, casually, he glances at his watch, and then looks -- FAR BELOW THEM - ACROSS THE SKY At the tiny black speck gradually grows larger in the distance... CLOSER - ON THAT BLACK SPECK It's a jet helicopter. JASON (CONT'D) I don't think Sanchez would kiss me. We can tell from our surroundings that Jason is a big deal Hollywood action star, and this trailer is his home away from home. ALEX and JASON are in a fully macked out Airstream, sitting on a bed, leaning over an open screenplay. " From within his dashiki, Jones pulls out a black velvet pouch. Hard to believe that this little contraption could blow up ten city blocks. And she pulls from her pocket the airplane-size bottle of Johnnie Walker Black. Alex, Natalie and Dylan stroll from the dock onto the sand, each starting to unzip/unbutton/unsnap their action gear and hand it to Bosley as they continue walking. ALEX We couldn't have redirected the flight path without your help. He speaks over the ever-growing pile of chutes, body suits, goggles, the dashiki... At least, that's what Charlie's always telling us, right ladies? By now, the Angels have stripped off all of their equipment, revealing eye-popping evening gowns. The Angels share a laugh as they arrive in their sassy duds at a private beach club, where a WAITER greets them with a tray of champagne flutes. She decks him, then enters the back door of a seedy punk bar. The Angels look at it, look at each other..just have to laugh. It's not breath candy at all, but a tiny roll of explosives, with a tiny, high-tech triggering mechanism. The most dangerous explosive material ever invented. He gapes wild-eyed at the two Angels, then whirls on James Earl Jones. Latex rips free, and standing there (without his dashiki, James Earl Jones has a great figure) is... stunningly beautiful DYLAN SANDERS, angel number three. Pasqual's jaw drops as Dylan shakes her hair free, then reaches in her mouth -- DYLAN (still with James Earl Jones' voice) Don't need this anymore. DYLAN (CONT'D) (now in her real voice) But I sure could use this. A harmless fellow pushes his way past them and onto the dock. BOSLEY Well, Angels, the experimental explosives are back in the hands of the government, and the free world can breathe just a lit-tle bit easier tonight, thanks to you three. But he wanted you to know that dinner is on him, so feel free to celebrate. She sees a punk with a mohawk slapping around his girlfriend. -- Window-washer Natalie peers into a skyscraper office, surreptitiously photographing the meeting inside. CONTINUED: -- On an Italian street, the three Angels buy a paper, grin at the headline, "Mystery Women Save European Union." As they high-five, Dylan's cone of gelato drops to the sidewalk.

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It's the regular mix of first class people: OLD MONEY in Gucci enjoying freshly baked cookies, a MILLIONAIRE in jeans and a T- shirt, BUSINESS PEOPLE relaxing after a tough day, and...

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