Hot sex hookup withladys with herpes

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Hot sex hookup withladys with herpes

So, yes, if you go down on someone who is infected with herpes, you can also get it.

The scary thing about herpes is that it’s extremely common and most people infected with it don’t even realize they have it.

Herpes isn’t the only thing that can be passed along during oral sex.

You can also contract STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis and HPV. If you enjoy performing and receiving oral sex, you need to make sure you’re protecting yourself. I know that sounds silly and ridiculous, but it’s not if you don’t want to catch something serious!

Blisters or sores sometimes accompany viral shedding, but they don’t always – it can happen without anyone knowing.

So, even if there are no sores down there, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

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Keep in mind that sometimes people infected with herpes show no symptoms.

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