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Hook up with a sexy granny free

Taking supplies, they use a map to hike to the nearest highway, but before they can, Owen spots a town in the near distance.Kurt can't believe the sight because they drove through the same area yesterday, which was completely barren.Granny advises that soothing a child with a bedtime story works, which Regina attempts, but Henry ends up vomiting on her clothes.The morning after Emma decides to stay in town for a week, she goes to the diner, where she is given a free cinnamon hot chocolate by Ruby, who works there as a waitress.

One morning, she is unable to stop his insistent crying in the diner.

Shocked, Mary Margaret denies it and states she is only a teacher to fifteen children. Instead, Mary Margaret notices he has been ogling Ruby.

She does, however, go on to express a desire to get married and have children in the future. Unhappily, she asks for the check as Ruby passes, and the date ends on a bad note.

She tells Mary Margaret that she and David do not belong together.

Regina mentions David left his wife, Kathryn, and Mary Margaret should stay away from him due to the fragile state he's in, and because she is close to destroying many lives.

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They go into the town, Storybrooke, and are taken to the diner by the sheriff, Graham, where they meet the mayor, Regina.

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