Hindu dating rules

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Hindu dating rules

To keep up with European colonial race theories Indians were divided under the fictional (north) Aryan and (south) Dravidian races.Unfortunately many of these educationists instead of being exposed for what they really were are celebrated for their love of Hindu Culture.

So the church had another method of destroying the ancient traditions by Christianizing the traditional pagan festivals and legends.

It is pertinent to note that Indians have not woken up to this threat even after Independence, hence the government is being run by an Italian Catholic via a puppet prime minister, and many policy decisions are being taken in deference to the US administration.

Journalist Subbu in (Tamil) says that the Christian priests who landed in Tamil Nadu from foreign lands laid the foundation for Dravidianisation in Tamil Nadu as they knew Indians could not be subjugated as long as Hindu Dharma prevails.

Only then could the masters realise the extent of manpower, money power and political power needed to destroy the 5000 year old culture and convert a spiritually strong India.

That was why the priests learnt Tamil and translated the main literatures and wrote similar Christian works.

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Finally he settled in a small house in Santhome, Madras, and died in 1656. De Nobili is supposed to have written some 15 books apart from preparing a Portuguese-Tamil dictionary. How could the biography of a Christian saint help the growth of Tamil? Pope, has not recorded that story in any of his works. As he didn’t get the of Bhagwan Shiva, he feels let down and unable to bear this parting, with mounting sorrow and emotion sings a hymn earnestly praying for Bhagwan’s appearance.” Explaining the above context, G. Pope infers, “The serene and beautiful environment prevailing in Uttarakosamangai Temple was too ‘testing’ for Maanickavaachakar to continue his sanyas.

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