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Unfortunately, we do not have any serial number information for Herschede clocks manufactured after 1968, and we understand this information may not exist.You will find the serial number on the back of your Herschede Hall Clock movement. Unscrew the hook (it is actually a nut at the end of a rod that extends from the bottom of the weight).Continued decline of the clock business led the company to begin making parking meters in 1936. Around 1959-60 the company moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Starkville, Mississippi.Later, during World War II, Herschede began supplying the U. During a time of financial trouble the company was sold in 1967 to John R. As noted earlier the company folded completely in 1984.Secondly, it is important to understand that there are very few people who can say they have significant experience with these large, somewhat complex tubular bell mechanisms.

remove a weight that has not run down to the bottom, else you risk having the cable cross itself on the winding arbor of the movement.

In 1910, at the urging of his son Walter, Frank Herschede began producing his own tubular bell clock movements.

At this time they began to call their clocks "Crown Hall Clocks" and adopted the familiar crown trademark.

The clock on the left has had the weights, pendulum and dial restored.

Movements in Herschede Hall Clock Company clocks prior to 1911 were imported or made by other U. The following table contains the recorded years and associated serial-number ranges.

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Although these were fine clocks they could not compare to the quality of the Herschede product.

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