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Help my my 17 year old daughter is dating

“He felt bad that he didn’t know about my gluten-free needs until we were at the restaurant.” In the end the relationship didn’t work out.

Despite lots of changes in the dating world, going out to dinner is still a popular choice for all ages.

Worried parents might point to stories about allergic teens who have had reactions when kissing, but allergies work much differently than celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and the risks of a harmful reaction would seem to be much lower.

Sometimes no matter how seriously your child takes the need for the gluten-free diet, young love can scramble a teenager’s brain.

I have a really good restaurant I would like to try if you don’t mind.” If her date wants to pick the location, Williams gets the name of the restaurant and calls ahead or finds a menu online to see if her diet needs can be met.

Sometimes she arranges the meal with the restaurant staff by phone before the date.

But as parents of a gluten-free child, we have even more questions: Will our daughter’s date understand her food needs?

Breann Rowand, a 17-year-old from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, says her first date after getting diagnosed with celiac disease ended before it began.

Not surprisingly kissing and gluten cross-contamination has not been studied by medical researchers, and there are no hard facts to report.Somehow the time has flown, and Emma, my 16-year-old daughter with celiac disease, is starting to date. What if her boyfriend thinks she is high maintenance?My husband and I have the average parental concerns: Who she is going out with? Will Emma be embarrassed to tell her date she is gluten free and cheat on her diet? I can remember my own first dates and puppy love, and I certainly didn’t want my parents nosing in on my relationships. Dating is new territory in gluten-free adolescence, and it’s a good idea for both parents and children to be prepared.A boy asked her to go to a restaurant with him, but she had trouble finding a place where she felt safe eating gluten free.“He got frustrated, said he just couldn’t do it and canceled on me,” Rowand recalls. I just didn’t want to get sick, and he called it off.” She says it “was a heck of an introduction to gluten-free dating” and it gave her a shock.

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Kissing is a minor concern compared to drinking regular beer or frequently eating food without checking to be sure it is gluten free. D., founder and medical director of the University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center, notes the lack of research on the subject and advises the use of common sense.

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