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The couple have twin sons—named Diesel and Dean—and they welcomed a baby girl in early 2013.Diesel and Dean are probably going to be impressive athletes, too.They were married in July 2007 and have two children together.

Which is why so many athletes end up dating or marrying fellow professional athletes.

It’s Part One of the Top Chef Season 9 Texascouver Finale, entitled Culinary Olympics, and let me just begin by saying, many people have incessantly complained about this season (most notably my mothers’ texts at every Wednesday), saying that it’s the worst Top Chef season yet.

I haven’t totally agreed, as I believe peoples’ reservations are more a factor of just Top Chef fatigue in the show’s 9th season mixed with a largely uninspiring cast (with one head-and-shoulders favorite who should’ve been named the winner six weeks ago).

The couple has three children—not that being a mom has hindered Walsh-Jennings in any way.

She actually gave birth to two of them between Beijing and London and was five weeks pregnant with her daughter Scout during the London Olympics.

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Solo and Stevens began dating in the summer of 2012 after she returned from competing at the London Olympics.