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I was browsing on local Tinder when I matched with a gorgeous 29 year old girl. Very quickly she gave me her Whats App number and she told me that tonight she goes out for a drink with a female friend. As I am not so much into virtual chatting for hours I accepted. Dear fellow mongers I would like to share with you my bad experience in St Petersburg.

Learn Russian and tap the local talent which is willing to please, which is naturally horny, which is tired of getting bedded and dumped by like-aged countrymen who obviously do not pay, which usually is petite (tall types work the awful strip clubs) , slender (saves them money) and long haired (saves them money) and 22 years, which avoids the heavy make-up (saves them money), which comes in jeans and sneakers and without bra (saves them money and gives them anonymity) which enjoys their job, which enjoys the money and the promiscuity and the many great romantic experiences that come along. Be receptive to the young girls' needs, financially, emotionally and sexually.

Dear fellow mongers I would like to share with you my bad experience in St Petersburg. These so called scams are known probably for centuries. Just see the girls outside of your room at the nearest fast food chain.

If you ever have to go to that horrible street, Dumskaya-Lomonsov, there are fantasy model dancers, and bar ladies there, who look absolute premium; tanned, latin asses, model faces. Or there are many who often get taken to Dubai, Thailand, or the Maldives, by rich perverts. S About the scam, posted earlier, yes it is horrible. St Petersburg is a great place to monger, for it is a large city with a huge student population. The going surcharge outside Karamelki for blow job without condom is 1000 Rubel. They may not like it, but they go along as the session unfolds, especially if you are tender with them, if they are inexperienced, if they seek you as a regular john or if there is real chemistry.

You will never have a chance with them, because their attitude is generally very rude towards guys who even think of trying to speak with them, whether it is inside or outside a club. St Petersburg offers the anonymity the girls need and is not as monstrous or as expensive as Moscow. 2500 Rubel is a meager tuition fee for a silly mistake. I have enjoyed a lot of mutually deeply satisfying GFE with young, petite and pretty salon girls who I patronize regularly also outside the realm of the salon. They build their pride often on how much their johns deem their worth which they equate with attractiveness, power, beauty or sexual skill.

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