Goodfish dating

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Goodfish dating

The Nation entered into negotiations with the Canadian government to settle the land claim.

In 1991, the Siksika nation signed a .9m agreement with the government for compensation for mineral rights lost due to construction of the dam.

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The four Niitsítapi nations of the Blackfoot Confederacy are the Siksiká, Káínaa (Kainai or Blood), Aapátohsipikáni (Northern Peigan), and Aamsskáápipikani (South Peigan or Montana Blackfoot).The Siksika Nation is a First Nation in southern Alberta, Canada.The name Siksiká comes from the Blackfoot words sik (black) and iká (foot), with a connector s between the two words. The Siksikáwa are the northernmost of the Niitsítapi (Original People), all of whom speak dialects of Blackfoot, an Algonquian language.The approximate population of the Siksika Nation, as of 2009, is 6,000 people.The Siksika government applied for a licence to produce Medical Marijuana in April 2016.

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