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Look for other clues to guide you—a raised eyebrow, perhaps?

He combs his hair with his fingers When birds clean their feathers to look their best for a potential mate, it’s called preening—and when humans do it, the intent is the same.

“But if he does it as he’s approaching you or as you’re approaching him, he’s nervous about his appearance.” So, if you like him back, tell him how great you think he looks to put his ego at ease. See if you catch yourself sending any subconscious mirroring signals, like playing with your necklace, says Reiman.

He talks with his hands“The wider the gestures and the more he does this, the more he likes you,” says Hogan.

But Reiman disagrees, warning that it can be a sign he’s uncomfortable and wants out.

“It signals anxiety or nervousness,” she says, “a desire to end a conversation or to leave a situation.” So, which to believe?

"It's a direct way for him to say, 'If you smile, I know you like me back.'" Hogan says pushing hair out of a woman's eyes is a gamble and "hopefully it will pay off for both of you." But the experts agree that this body language action isn't about getting some action: "It's intimate and hints that he wants more than just sex," says Cox.

“If he’s sitting with his legs wide apart, he’s giving you a ‘crotch display’—a sneak preview of what he thinks is his best part.” But watch out, says Hogan. “It’s a more submissive and innocent gesture.” But how about palm down?

She says it’s a sign of anticipation: “We lick our lips when we see something we desire,” she says. So will that bar date lead to a restaurant date that takes you right into… “It probably wasn't your intention, but take it as a compliment,” explains Kevin Hogan, Psy. “He doesn't want to lose this opportunity with you.”He rocks back and forth Is he having a mama’s boy moment? “Rocking is a comforting motion that mimics being rocked in the mother's womb.” Before you shout “Check, please!

” Cox suggests you ask yourself why he’s craving comfort: Are you sending out signals that you want him to leave, for example?

Body Language for Entrepreneurs - Are you an entrepreneur?

Learn his signals Want some help deciphering the often perplexing mixed signals that men send?

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“[Rocking back and forth] is an ‘intention movement,’ where his body starts to do what his brain would like it to do.

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