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Goldcoast free cam chat rooms

I know it barks at the neighbourhood cats that are allowed to roam at all hours of the day and night, but that's a different type of bark, a more agitated one than the Ï'm bored bark that goes on for hours". As when you contact the council this is what they will ask you to do. Even talk to their neighbours to see if it irritates them as well so you can get supporting evidence.They have lots of toys scattered around the yard for it to play with. Gotigers got it right you should approach the neighbours about the noise and if all else fails go see the council it is fairly obvious the dog is bored it might need a companion whether that would make matters worse is in the lap of the gods .

(not that it would have stood up or done any good but it seemed to shut them all up) But we did by the collar not long later to solve the problem. Car alarm still blared if someone farted too close. We get on with the neighbours otherwise, just think I will have to approach them again and try to work something out.

The collars shoot out a fine mist of spray when the dog barks, and i guess they dont like it, We did find that it did not affect the dog when it was a legitimate bark ( ie someone was actually there or a cat) But it did stop ALL of the annoying attention barking.

I think the one we purchased from memory was around 0But that was well worth it in what it may have saved us in fines from the council for having a dog that the neighbors complained about all the time.

Our neighbour has a dog that barks incessantly when they go out.

We have put up with it for a while hoping as it got older it would maybe cease, well it hasn't, if anything its getting worse.

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Have read about various ultrasonic devices I could put in my garden which claim to stop nuisance barking, just wonder if anyone has tried them and what the results were.

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