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Did you ever make the acquaintance of fellow losers?

Nevertheless, the Presidential Election will proceed to its own conclusion on the first Tuesday of November in the year two thousand and eight.

Hansen periodically posts commentary on his recent papers and presentations and on other topics of interest to an e-mail list and to the CSAS blog. → Go to older publications review) and present updated graphs and discussion of key quantities that help provide understanding of how climate change is developing and how effective or ineffective global actions are in affecting climate forcings and future climate change.

To receive announcements of new postings, please click here. A few errata in February 29, 2012: Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change: Presentation given at TED 2012 at Long Beach, California.

The French system integrator has a one-on-one selling model that works just fine, thank you. They seemed to have peaked with their ‘Moms’ campaign not so long ago. Our analyses are recorded in an ever-growing number of Sports Marketing and B-School texts.

In the chart below, we have Samsung and Mc Donald’s listed twice because they both occupy two spots on the charts. is the first research institute to document the ‘value leaks™’ that Olympic Sponsors experience at the hands of ‘non-affiliated marketers’ (NAMs) that happen by chance, circumstance or, ever more likely, cleverly orchestrated stealth campaigns that include the newest social media tricks, tactics, and strategy.” Pyeongchang has been tracked for the last two years, even as Tokyo and Beijing and Paris are currently under intense scrutiny by today.

Watching the nightly news and reading the traditional (for the last two centuries, that is) media, one has the distinct sense that what they perceive as unprecedented almost chaotic circumstances is actually that of the normalcy of the new reality, that of communications at the speed of light that the internet has foisted upon us.

Indeed, the nature of the beast hasn’t changed at all.What we can control, and make sense of, however, is a candidate’s wink, smirk or disdainful reference. Contact created the tools you need to address an enterprise in a world never at rest, where the facts can change before you locked your strategy into place, in the world where the social media of today is but a hint of what will emerge in the coming months and years.We can emphatically pin down our opponents into convenient sound bites, hopefully contradicting earlier sound bites. (Does the fact that New York City was beneath 5,000 feet of Ice a few dozen centuries ago influence your vote today? ) Is your personal philosophy, whatever it might be, grounded in a belief system that I can systematically debunk and demean. described as “an algorithm that tracks words and phrases in the media and on the Internet in relation to frequency, context, and appearance in the global media.” The study has been hailed as presaging the coming Financial Meltdown, now known as the Great Recession.Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms: evidence from paleoclimate data, climate modeling, and modern observations that 2°C global warming could be dangerousa Atmos. No, we are not referring to the Olympics, most recently held in Beijing, or even football’s World Cup but, rather, the Presidential Elections.

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We often hear that ‘we’ve never seen anything like this’ before. Think back a few hundred years to other information revolutions, such as that introduced along with mechanical type. Other points of interest include Atos Origin dead last, in the 39th place. In fact, look over the current scorecard, it contains a number of nascent storylines that require close attention.

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